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Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces are environments where the user interacts with technology in a friendly way, to provide an environment to foster innovation or to control new generation systems from a single place.

Salas de Innovación


As the first impression is the one that counts, lobbying has been gaining importance within large architectural projects (hotels, corporate buildings or shopping centres).

​The Lobby has gone from being just another transit environment to becoming a place of socialization and, on many occasions, encompasses other services.


Including the best technology for your lobby can be crucial when it comes to leaving a good experience with your customer.


Social Spaces

Collaborative spaces are environments where employees carry out their objectives independently; at the same time, they interact with different professionals, resulting in a connection based on the sharing of ideas.

Depending on the technology installed in the environment, the collaboration room will be used in one way or another in which people will interact in this space.


There is a trend of collaborators increasingly using touch screens as a collaboration tool and not just for screen sharing. For the same reason, collaborators now opt for the installation of touch screens.

Training rooms / Smart rooms

Smart training rooms are teaching environments with state-of-the-art technology.

The objective of the training room is to focus technology on learning, the visualization of content that works for staff training, staff training and joint learning of work teams.

To do this, they have hardware components (touch screens, video walls, projectors, audio, special microphones for speakers, user-focused lighting to achieve greater concentration, interactive whiteboards, etc. Another very important solution is acoustic conditioning.

If you are interested in learning about this and other solutions to create your personalized environment, contact us.

Aulas inteligentes

Corporate Dinning Room

The corporate spaces is a high-value environment with a purpose of productivity in the workers, since a cozy space will develop a better relationship between the collaborators of different departments.

Companies are increasingly committed to implementing a wellness environment that provides well-being to employees.For the same reason, a dining room equipped with the right technology will provide that feeling of well-being in all work teams. 

Don't forget to check out our case study at Omnitracs to see a technology-enabled dining room. If you are interested in learning more about this and other technologies, please contact us.

Contrl + Monitoreo
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Corporate Podcast

There is a trend of corporate podcasts where companies communicate their professionalism and added values with respect to their competition.

Corporate podcasts also gain strength in the company's communication, since through previously captured sessions, onboarding information for new collaborators can be provided, information about the company in terms of its field, business verticals and commercial alliances that are of great importance to achieve a sales crossover.

In Mexico, corporations can provide information in the form of text, which has been shown not to have the same impact as a story told in an audio format, since the human voice contributes to achieving greater engagement of staff with general management.

The popularity of podcasting has been on the rise due to its wide variety of content, access to content and consumption through an auditory medium. A podcast has the same effect of carrying your favorite TV show with you, only it can be played on headphones or in the car. This market is growing more and more in Mexico, the number of content providers is growing and so is the number of listeners. Podcasts are a common and sustainable marketing channel.


If you are interested in integrating a podcast room, we can help you

Salas de Juntas

Office Renovation

Office renovation is the process of creating your space more functional, aesthetic, and durable. It will boost your work and become a powerful hub for all your unique needs. Renovating an office means taking an old space and bringing it into the present. Modernizing it is also a great way to increase the value of your home.


As more people choose to work from home, turning your office into a comfortable workspace has never been more important. Instead of buying a new home, save money renovating it. With professionals in all aspects of remodeling and construction, we can create the best space for you.



Every interior element must be carefully considered, contributing to exceptional acoustics and amplified sound.


The location of the seats, the materials of the walls, and the shape of the roof.


Even from the highest row, the audience should clearly hear an unamplified voice from the stage.

Turnkey solutions mean your project is fully assembled and ready to use, reducing the time and effort it would take you to assemble it yourself.

Sometimes spelled "turnkey," a turnkey solution can be especially useful in businesses where customers can benefit from a finished product.

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