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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Cameras (AI)

CCTV installations


Undistorted surveillance is a common goal for many corporate facilities. However, there are other important factors to consider when installing video surveillance cameras, such as lighting and access to the power supply. Remember that installing security cameras in offices is a key business security measure to prevent theft and vandalism throughout the year.



Human Recognition

With a powerful AI chip and deep learning algorithm, Creatio offers human-oriented solutions that can quickly and accurately identify targets where you matter. The system can also locate targets and provide multiple human data for business analysis.



Vehicle Aplications

Creatio offers multiple solutions for vehicle surveillance. AI allows you to easily control your vehicles and know in real-time the various activities taking place on the road. This can lead to more efficient business operations by reducing fuel costs and improving service performance.

Video Surveillance Cameras



Monitoring Center

The primary duty of a Monitoring Center Operator is to monitor alarm systems and trigger any alarm activations in accordance with the customer's instructions.




Thermal cameras have become an important tool for monitoring critical assets and maintaining situational awareness. Thermal imaging helps operators detect and track people and vehicles over long distances, even in the middle of the night or when it's raining, all without disturbing the human activity around them with bright lights or loud sounds. Thanks to their deep learning capabilities, thermal cameras can detect intruders with a higher degree of accuracy by recognizing different elements, such as weapons or dangerous chemicals.

CCTV Dahua, CCTV Hikvision are our main allies in the implementation of security solutions

Take us into account for your "CCTV maintenance" since all electronics have a life and electronics have no word, that is why it is important that you have a support and maintenance policy

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