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Mexico Airport

Implementation of Digital Signage at Mexico airport to show arrival and departure schedule.

Sports Bar

There was the problem of using a system to control the screens as well as being able to make changes by screen and all at the same time. The solutions implemented were as follows:

1. Video Solutions: Installation of 70 screens + video wall.

2. AV Automation: Sharing 12 video sources so that each screen has independent selection and control.


3. Distributed audio: 2 subwoofers and 18 audio speakers. You can send 12 audio sources, and a dj. You can hear sky, total play, a mc500.

Acoustic conditioning

Instalación de material absorbente logrando un óptimo desempeño del sonido en sala de reuniones.

Postproduction rooms

It is a very relevant and emblematic project for:

1. Size.

2. The customer.

3. Transcendence.

5 weeks to have 100% of the equipment in Creatio, 4 weeks to test equipment and assemble models, 1 week to bring equipment, 4 weeks of installation + 2 weeks of programming.

Smart Spaces at Omnitracs

The goal of Omnitracs was to make more than a place to work, a hub of connection and collaboration, tied to the same concept of CREATIO's office of the future, reinventing office spaces into a productive, connected and comfortable destination.

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